Gathering Friends: Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Gathering Friends circle have to be with people who all live in the same place?

No. You can “meet” virtually via telephone or Internet.

Does this initiative have any cost?

No. You can sign up for free and will receive a welcome packet and free resources for initiating and sustaining a Gathering Friends circle. Those of us at Berkana are re-emerging from our period of hibernation with the intention of maintaining a very simple infrastructure. We are not engaging in fundraising activities and all of the work related to Gathering Friends is being done on a volunteer basis.

How do we find our circle of friends if we want new friends?

We recommend that you initiate your circles with people that you already know in some way. Building these groups on already existing relationships (even if they are not currently very profound or intimate) tends to create the conditions for longevity and depth. Even if you just begin a group by meeting with one other person it can be a very powerful experience.

How large should a Gathering Circles group be?

We recommend groups of between two and eight people.

Will Berkana host any process to assist folks in establishing a group?

No. These are self-organizing groups. We will provide an initial welcome package and will send an enewsletter with articles, questions and inspiration approximately every quarter. For more information on what Berkana can and cannot offer these groups can be found here:

Is Berkana available to partner with me on a project I am initiating?

No. For now, Berkana is only offering Gathering Friends. We do not have any staff, office or regular fundraising activities (and it is our intention to maintain a very minimal infrastructure) so we are not able to partner with other organizations or individuals on projects at this time.

How long do you recommend the circles plan to gather each time they meet?

Once a month meetings of a few hours have proved very powerful for those of us who served on the Berkana Board during this period of hibernation.