Berkana’s Role in Gathering Friends

These friendship circles will be self-organized by anyone who wants to participate. Berkana’s role is quite simple. We will provide resources that can assist in catalyzing and sustaining these circles. And we will continue to stress the importance of these circles as a means of strengthening you to do your work for the world.

We, the Berkana board stewards, have found gathering in this way to be nourishing; we believe that it may be of benefit to others. And we are also open and curious about what we will learn as Gathering Friends groups form and relationships deepen. We will provide spaces for groups to share insights, questions, thoughts and challenges.

We foresee three principle activities:

1. Offer guidance and support for initiating and sustaining a circle.
2. For existing groups that are similar to Gathering Friends, we invite you to join with us and make yourselves visible to other circles.
3. An online space to share your learnings and provide you with information about other Gathering Friends circles, so you know of one another and the greater community. You may want to initiate contact with other circles but we leave that to you.

Berkana will provide these simple means of support via our website and our social media presence:

– Core principles for both self-organizing and sustaining these circles
– Links to articles and video resources that we find valuable and relevant
– A directory of other circles, including geographic location and contact info (If you do not want your circle to be included in the directory just let us know.)

Berkana is not able to provide anything more, such as:

– Financial support for any groups or activities”
– A virtual space that involves curating, such as chat rooms or postings
– Advice or consultation on a personal level