Berkana Exchange

The Berkana Exchange is an ecosystem of learning centers, grassroots-based initiatives, individuals, regional learning communities and movements all working to create healthy and resilient communities. Participants are developing the capacity to solve their most pressing problems—such as community health, ecological sustainability and economic self-reliance—by drawing on the wisdom and wealth already present in their people, traditions and environment.

Why “trans-local”? We believe that large-scale systems change emerges when local actions get connected globally—while preserving their deeply local culture, flavor and form (learn more). There is no universal solution for the challenges of poverty, hunger or environmental destruction. But there is the possibility of widespread impact when people working at the local level are able to learn from one another, practice together and share their learning with communities everywhere. We do this by gathering face-to-face, engaging in communities of practice, learning exchanges and regional collaborations. We share stories, create new experiments and build relationships that help us better serve our communities at home.

When we connect to one another—and to people worldwide who want to support and learn from our experiments—enormous power for change emerges. All too often, organizations in the development sector complain that the learning is getting lost. Each initiative they support reinvents the wheel. They don’t share what they know. The work of the Berkana Exchange is about discovering what happens when the learning does not get lost, when it moves openly and fluidly around the globe.