Warriors Without Weapons: How Learning Moves Trans-locally

This piece delves into the concept of “trans-local learning” — a way of sharing knowledge and learning in which separate, local efforts connect with each other, then grow and transform into communities of practice that together give rise to new systems. Warriors Without Weapons and the Oasis Game, two programs created by Berkana partners at Instituto Elos offer illuminating lenses for examining the concept of trans-local learning. By looking at what happened when the programs moved from Brazil to locations around the world we see how the communities determined what was essential and what was changed to fit the local culture and context. These stories offer tangible examples of what worked and what was learned in the transition to new contexts.

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Reflections on Now Activism

An introduction to a booklet produced by Shikshantar: The People’s Institute for Rethinking Education and Development on the theme of the Now Activism. This is the activism of today, of right now, and it shows up as people everywhere are stepping forward with the leadership they have to offer to make a difference in their communities and organizations. In 2006 Shikshantar and Berkana hosted an event in Oaxaca, Mexico on Now Activism and the following year Shikshantar took the lead in assembling a collection of more than 50 stories and essays exploring what this idea means to people around the world.

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Leadership in the Age of Complexity

For too long, too many of us have been entranced by heroes. Perhaps it’s our desire to be saved, to not have to do the hard work, to rely on someone else to figure things out. Constantly we are barraged by politicians presenting themselves as heroes, the ones who will fix everything and make our problems go away. It’s a seductive image, an enticing promise. And we keep believing it. Somewhere there’s someone who will make it all better. Somewhere, there’s someone who’s visionary, inspiring, brilliant, trustworthy, and we’ll all happily follow him or her. Somewhere…

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