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Warren Nilsson

Warren Nilsson

Warren Nilsson is a teacher and researcher at the University of Cape Town with a Ph.D. in organization studies from McGill University. His work focuses on how social purpose organizations can foster deep engagement and on how such engagement might lead to broader institutional transformation. He is co-founder of Organization Unbound.

Whole Person, Whole System

Posted on November 23, 2011

Originally posted on Organization Unbound.

Many people involved in social purpose work champion the idea that organizations need to become places where we can relate to each other not just as roles but as whole human beings. We believe that when we are free to express dimensions of ourselves that don’t fit neatly into job descriptions, our work becomes more engaging and our relationships more authentic.

I think this is true. But what is less well understood is that treating each other as the patchwork, unruly human beings we are, rather than the zippered office functionaries we pretend to be, is also the only way we can really come to understand, let alone affect, the larger institutional patterns we are trying to change. Read More »