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Tenneson Woolf

Tenneson Woolf

Tenneson Woolf is a practitioner of change and group process artist. He uses participative leadership methodologies, maps, and models as strategy to create helpful meetings and inquiries. He has hosted interactive processes at conferences, worked with many teams, and coached individuals in diverse organizations–from hospitals to financial planning associations, universities to faith communities, corporate clients to labor unions. He is a steward of two communities of practice: The Art of Hosting and The World Café, and a practitioner of the Flow Game. He works locally with The Salt Lake Center for Engaging Community supporting and designing local dialogues on living in healthy community.

Hosting What? Consciousness, Wellness, Wholeness, Resonance

Posted on November 29, 2009

I was in Rosendale, New York in early November 2009 at the Lifebridge Sanctuary. With a co-hosting team of Nancy Fritsche Eagan, Martin Siesta, Silas Lusias, and Kelly McGowan, we were close to completing the third of three days for an Art of Hosting training. It was going well. We had just completed a lovely and deep circle hosted by participants. The weave of that group was feeling particularly close.

I’ve hosted Art of Hosting trainings now over many years: open enrollment trainings like the one in New York; client engagements also when there is a more specific purpose or strategy to be developed; hundreds of cafes, circles, appreciate approaches, and open space working groups. The simple know-how of any of these methods and others are really helpful skills. Read More »