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Shena Lamb

Shena Lamb

I was born in South Africa in 1950 of Scottish parents whose families came to the country around 1930. After completing my schooling and a year’s secretarial course, I spent two years working in advertising agencies in London and a year in Paris as an au pair then worked at the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations in Rome for seven years. During this time, on sabbatical in South Africa, I co-authored a book ("The Parrot’s Egg", 1985) with a Belgian sociologist which looked at migrant labour conditions in pre-1994 South Africa. In 1985 I moved to a village in rural Andalucia, Spain where, for twelve years, a group of friends and I coordinated a community development project (with an art gallery, restaurant and permaculture garden) which celebrated the values and skills of rural living. I returned to South Africa in 1998 for family reasons and took a position in academic development at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University where I still work. I have a BA in Media and Communication and an MA in Conflict Management and have been a facilitator for the Alternatives to Violence Project since 2005.

Humbled by the Power of Circles

Posted on June 1, 2015

It is not an exaggeration to say that circles have profoundly influenced the course of my life. My first experience with a circle was in the 70’s when I was living in Rome. I’d recently been to London where I’d seen a street billboard outside St. James Church in Piccadilly advertising an introductory talk on Attitudinal Healing and on impuIse I’d gone in. The talk was given by Geoff Freed and was based on the book Love is Letting go of Fear by Gerry Jampolsky (which was, in turn, based on The Course of Miracles). The ideas spoke directly to my heart and I wanted to learn more so I asked Geoff whether he’d give a weekend workshop in Rome if I could organize a group to pay his expenses. That was the beginning of Geoff’s annual visit to Rome and the beginning of my love of circles.

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