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Phil Cass

Phil Cass

The CEO of four affiliated not-for-profit health corporations (the Columbus Medical Association, Columbus Medical Association Foundation, Physicians Care Connection and Central Ohio Trauma System), Phil is a host/ facilitator/trainer and consultant, a part-time college-level instructor, a mentor, a constant advocate for community, and a life-long student. In his work as CEO he is responsible for strategic direction, operations management, human resources management, policy development, government relations and community relations. As a college-level instructor he has followed his passion for developing curriculum and providing instruction on the subject of leadership. He has provided hosting/facilitation and training for numerous organizations locally and internationally, and has served on many Boards of community organizations. For the past 13 years he has worked to develop a corporate culture of participatory leadership within the organizations for which he is CEO. This real-world experience in developing a unique corporate culture serves to inform the hosting, facilitation, training and consulting he does with other organizations. He enjoys working with the executive leadership of organizations to support them in developing organizational cultures that in turn help their organizations thrive and that also support their staffs in realizing their highest potential. Phil holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Kenyon College, a Masters degree in Counseling and Guidance from Fairfield University, and a Ph.D. in Counseling and Guidance from The Ohio State University. Mediation, the use of intentional dialogue, leading strategic change initiatives and teaching are all of keen interest to him, but his wife Laura, children, step-children and new grandchild are the great loves of his life.

An Authentic Call

Posted on February 27, 2016

Originally posted on the Confluence Unlimited website.

Many years ago I wrote a short piece on the Authentic Call and I was reminded of that recently when someone asked me if I was interested in calling a new training into our community. This was actually a quite logical ask, as I seem to be a serial caller of things (initiatives, organizations, trainings, academies, etc.).   It once again made me ponder the nature of the true authentic call, which I distinguish from just deciding to organize something. I remember writing back to the person that it seemed to me that they were the one feeling the real itch for the training and that they were likely the ones to realize this possibility more than if I took it up for them.

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A Gathering of Friends

Posted on March 3, 2015

Dinner at our place, hanging out by the fire, let’s do lunch, a drink after work: these are often some of the sweetest times in our days. Sometimes they are planned and other times spontaneous. Sometimes they are quiet and sometimes raucous. Sometimes they are for serious conversations and sometimes they are for letting go.

What if we made these kinds of gatherings an intentional practice? Intentional in the sense of meeting regularly, at an agreed upon time, for an agreed upon duration, with an agreed upon purpose. What if we committed to each other to keep showing up? That we wouldn’t leave the group for a specified period of time, at least long enough to experience the best and the worst of each other. In these gatherings, we could practice being in authentic relationship with each other with our whole selves.

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