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Marielle Pariseau

Marielle Pariseau

Marielle is the founder of Shaping the Future of Dentistry and co-producer of "Dentists Leaders in Health." She is an avid student of leadership development and the use of conversation as core process in large scale participative change interventions. Marielle is a member of the Presencing Institute community and is actively engaged in discussions on Health Care with a Berkana Institute Community of Practice.

Art of Hosting and Shaping the Future of Dentistry in Canada

Posted on November 29, 2011

When it comes to my own health, I have simple rules: work out hard three times per week, take an early morning walk in the woods with my dog every day, always look for meaning in my life, live and love as hard as I can, everything else in moderation. These simple rules take care of my physical, mental and spiritual well being. I’ve found that when I’m physically fit, I usually also feel mentally strong. Hard cardiovascular workouts have the ability to bring out brilliant ideas or sensible solutions to difficult problems.

I belong to a very mechanistic profession. I’m a dentist. Reduced to my simplest expression, I drill and fill teeth for a living. Not much meaning there… But because, like pediatricians and obstetricians, I see my patients more often than most other health professionals, I’m uniquely positioned to impact health. So a few years ago, somewhere between a meditative walk in the woods and a hard cardio workout, a wild dream was born: Shaping the Future of Dentistry. Read More »