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Drew Love

Drew Love graduated from Boston University in 2007 with a BA in philosophy. After exploring different career options, from housing administrator to yoga instructor, Drew found a passion for food systems while working as an ad hoc intern with the Real Food Challenge, a national campaign to change university food purchasing policy to procure more food that is environmentally sound, fairly traded and community based. Food acts as a nexus point for many of the issues he cares about such as social justice, sustainability and public health. Drew has previously worked as the Research & Education Intern at the Farmers Market Coalition, and currently works as the Coordinator of Volunteer Programs and Outreach at Massachusetts Farmers Markets. You can read more of his writings about social change at

Communities are the Leaders of the Future

Posted on December 20, 2011

There will be a picture that will be the iconic image of the Occupy and Arab Spring movements and I would like to request that that picture be taken from a distance. The picture should be taken at least from one of the skyscrapers that looks down on Wall Street, catching a bird’s eye view of thousands of people, or maybe from a distant alley away from the busiest parts of the streets of Cairo. If it’s possible to somehow capture everyone in a single image, I’d encourage the photographer to do just that.

I make this request because I’m not interested in seeing the face of just one person added to the historical canon of “great men” who have changed the world. Don’t get me wrong, many of these people did wonderful things for the people they cared about, and they most certainly did help change history. However, they were only able to help make that change because they stood on the shoulders of millions of others who came together around a shared vision. Read More »