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Dick Durning

Dick Durning

Richard Durning, Principal of Wisdom Exchange (WE) and “Generous Space” practitioner has helped raise over $50 million for a variety of nonprofit organizations including the American Cancer Society, Illinois Saint Andrews Society, Roycemore School, and the Arthritis Foundation. Through Wisdom Exchange, Richard partners with individuals, organizations, and communities committed to increasing their own capacity and ease in securing financial support within a space of integrity, engagement, joy, and invitation. WE offers practical skills and “Generous Space” methodologies through coaching, workshops, and hands-on applications.

Inviting the Quiet Gift

Posted on December 7, 2011

Recently my wife and I were guests at a high end gala in Chicago. The evening’s high point was listening to the event’s two honorees, both human rights activists, one from Indonesia and the other from Zimbabwe. Their simple words and humility captured everyone in the ballroom. For a brief time there was a community sharing the company of two remarkable people.

Then, the gala “got back to business.” The mood shifted. A designated “ringmaster” challenged us to dig a little deeper so the event could reach a new level of support. Everyone had received a little transmitting wand that allowed us to enter donations and be recognized on two gigantic screens. “Oh look! There’s Jack and Sally Jones.” This was the culmination of the gala–a celebration of the donor.

Reflecting back on the eventing, two questions came to mind: Where does the “quiet” gift fit in this world of ours? As individuals and communities, where does the natural flow of our giving show up? Read More »