Since 1991, Berkana has worked globally
with dedicated, creative, spirit-grounded
leaders & activists

This website is an offering of
what we’ve learned about

the human spirit

This website is an offering to you

You who are yearning to find
your path of contribution
for this time.

You who worked so hard to make
a difference and now feel heartbroken
for the state of the world.

In this era of distress and destruction,
we are all needed.

Yet we must wisely discern what is right action.

May our stories and experiences provoke you,
arouse your curiosity and
inspire you to discover
how you might best serve this world.

It is in this spirit that we offer you
Berkana’s learnings

We invite you to explore what we’ve learned

Who we are.
What we care about.
Why we choose to do what we do.
How our work changes as
the world changes.

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