A Message from Meg Wheatley

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Berkana is celebrating its 20th anniversary by doing something non-traditional and yet aligned with our history of consistently being on the leading edge of living systems work. The Berkana Institute is taking a rest. We are “bedding down” this beautiful plant named Berkana, taking good care to preserve it for a period of stillness and rest, winter in the cycle of life. During this period of quiet, we’re gathering our energy, preserving our valuable capacities, and listening in for Spring. When Spring comes, in ways we can’t yet know, we will be back in the world, a young green plant, doing the work that feels right for us to be doing. But before we can discern what our next work is, we need time to go deeply into stillness and listen well from that space of deep groundedness.

Berkana’s work for these 20 years has been to understand how living systems organize and to experiment with what that means for organizations, communities and people.  We’ve supported people in a wide variety of cultures and in many different circumstances. We’ve learned a great deal and we believe we’ve made a good contribution to how people might organize in ways that foster community, creativity and perseverance. And we know there is much more to learn as the world continues to be disruptive and chaotic.

The nature of life is cyclical. After 20 years of constant work, Berkana’s Board and staff discerned that it is time to move into winter for a while, not to die, but to gather nutrients in our roots so that we might again emerge as a healthy, vibrant contributor to our world.

There are three things we’ve identified that are essential to preserve through this period of quiet:

1) We will honor the deep relationships with our web of partners and collaborators around the world. While we may not be actively participating in these partnerships during this time, we will communicate clearly that we are still here, simply resting, while the work in the web continues. We will listen into our community periodically to find out whether or not it is time to begin coming out of our hibernation.

2) We will maintain a minimal online presence via our website and social media, featuring a repository of articles, newsletters and other resources that our community can still access.

3) We will preserve our 501(c)3 tax status.

You can read more about this transition on the Berkana blog. We also invite you to stay connected and continue building community on our Facebook page (open for posts from our partners and friends around the world) and following us on Twitter. Access to our collection of resources (articles, video, past e-newsletters and blog) will still be available on berkana.org. Should you need to be in touch with us via email, info@berkana.org will remain active as well.

Thank you for your ongoing support and contribution to the Berkana community over the years.

May you be of service to this time,

meg sig

Meg Wheatley