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Margaret Wheatley

Margaret Wheatley

Founder of The Berkana Institute, Meg has been working with people for many years to develop radically new practices and ideas for organizing, where people are seen as the blessing, not the problem. In her early years, she eagerly studied in many different disciplines, including science, history, literature, systems thinking, organizational behavior, social policy, cosmology, archeology, geology and theology. In the mid-sixties, Meg spent two years in the Peace Corps in Korea, learning to thrive in a foreign culture, teaching junior and senior high school English. Since 1973 Meg has been a consultant and speaker and has worked (she believes) with almost all types of organizations and people. They range from the head of the U.S. Army to twelve year old Girl Scouts, from CEOs to small town ministers. This diversity includes Fortune 100 corporations, government agencies, healthcare institutions, foundations, public schools, colleges, major church denominations, professional associations, and monasteries. She has also been privileged to work on all continents (except Antarctica). These organizations and people are wrestling with a similar dilemma—how to maintain direction, integrity, motivation, and effectiveness as we cope with relentless turbulence and unending change in this very troubled world. Meg is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of Leadership and the New Science, A Simpler Way, Turning to One Another, Finding Our Way and more recently, Perserverence, So Far from Home and How Does Raven Know?

My Personal Journey into Warriorship

Posted on February 7, 2017

Who do we choose to be in service to this time? I have asked this question of thousands of people in many different places for the past few years and now it’s become the title of my newest book. It’s a question I had been asking myself for many years, as I struggled to discover ways I could serve that also would give me the ability to persevere. Now, after many decades of working in the world, I have declared my answer to this question by naming myself a Warrior for the Human Spirit.

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