Art of Hosting

“As a facilitative tool, the Art of Hosting has provided me with a mechanism to access in others the words, thoughts, and feelings that form a heart-centered dialogue and conversation, often creating a sacred place for honoring the collective spirit.  In this sacred place, I have frequently witnessed a transformation of anger, hostility, and resentment to forgiveness, joy, and a willingness to explore mutual collaboration. Indeed, the Art of Hosting is a sacred tool, one that is founded on the principles of a soulful spirit, gracefully and integrally woven within a human fabric that yearns for peace and justice.”

– Michael Havercamp, Art of Hosting Participant 2008

While the Institute is in a period of rest, the Art of Hosting community continues to be a vibrant and active global community of practice. Art of Hosting gatherings will continue to be held throughout North America and around the world, and we want to make sure that everyone can stay connected.

There are several ways to remain in touch with the Art of Hosting community and share in the learning and inspiration happening there. You can visit the AoH website or the AoH Ning site to find out about additional training opportunities, get resources, and find other practitioners. Additionally, the AoH global community has an active listserv where you can join the conversation.

There are several folks who have been intentionally learning with Berkana and are also North American Art of Hosting stewards. If you are interested in attending an AoH training or hosting a training to your community that is inspired and enriched by the learnings of the Berkana web, please feel free to contact one of the stewards directly.


Western Canada:
Chris Corrigan (chris[at]
Caitlin Frost (caitlin.frost[at]

Eastern Canada:
Tim Merry (tim[at]
Kathy Jourdain (kathy[at]

United States

Western US:
Teresa Posakony (teresa[at]
Tenneson Woolf (tenneson[at]

Tuesday Ryan-Hart (tuesday[at]
Jerry Nagel (jerry[at]
Lina Cramer (lina.c.cramer[at]

Eastern US:
Nancy Fritsche Eagan (nancy[at]
Martin Siesta (msiesta2[at]