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Spring is here! The Berkana Institute is emerging from a three-year period of reflection and rest. For more than two decades Berkana worked in friendship and partnership with people around the world discovering that there is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. During this Winter of our lifecycle, the four stewards of Berkana’s Board found great benefit from ongoing conversation, offering one another clarity, companionship, strength, consolation, laughter and more. Thus, Berkana’s first modest offering, called Gathering Friends, will act as a catalyst for the creation of self-organized circles of friends who are willing to offer steadfast support for one another.

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A Gathering of Friends

Berkana board member Phil Cass shares some of the experiences that he has had over the last many years of gathering in authentic, meaningful relationship with others. Each of the groups he describes in this blog post came together around different purposes, but all of them have been deeply significant for his life, work and personal growth. If you’d like to get a sense of what a Gathering Friends group might be like, check out this new post. Read more.


Sign up for Gathering Friends

You can now sign up to start a Gathering Friends group of your own. Berkana is acting as a catalyst for the creation of self-organized circles of friends who are willing to offer steadfast support, consolation, companionship, and delight for one another. When you sign up you will receive a welcome letter from Meg Wheatley and a small packet of resources to inspire and sustain your group. Sign up. Learn more about Berkana's role in Gathering Friends.


Stop By Sometime

The Berkana Institute offers some minimal guidance and support for initiating and sustaining a Gathering Friends circle. When you sign up to create a group we will send you and your group a small packet of articles, videos and principles to inspire and assist you. For now, we offer an excerpt from Margaret Wheatley’s book So Far From Home: Lost and Found in a Brave New World which speaks to the power of being there for one another in the day-to-day. Read more.


Berkana on Facebook

Berkana has maintained a limited presence on social media during this time of rest and reflection. As a way of sharing our learning from the Gathering Friends experiment we’ll be creating a private Facebook group for those participating in these self-organized cohorts for support and companionship. For everyone else, you may like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.