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For twenty years, The Berkana Institute has worked in friendship and partnership with people around the world who are discovering that there is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. After these many years of constant work we have discerned that the time has come for the Institute to rest. We have decided to “bed down” Berkana for a period of stillness and quiet, Winter in the cycle of life. During this time, we’re gathering our energy, preserving our valuable capacities, and listening in for Spring. When Spring comes, in ways we can’t yet know, we will be back in the world, doing the work that feels right for us to be doing.


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Two Loops Video

The two loops model is a fundamental piece of The Berkana Institute’s theory of change. In this video Deborah Frieze, Berkana’s former co-president explores the idea that as one system culminates and starts to collapse, isolated alternatives slowly begin to arise and give way to the new. Watch.


Continue Building Community

Though the Institute is currently resting, we invite our community to use our Facebook wall to share projects, upcoming events, stories, questions and learning. We hope it will be a space for you to find each other, connect and continue building community. Berkana will maintain a light presence on Twitter, so keep following us there as well. Learn more.


Berkana Beds Down

Berkana is celebrating its 20th anniversary by doing something non-traditional and yet aligned with our history of consistently being on the leading edge of living systems work. The Berkana Institute is taking a rest. The nature of life is cyclical. This is not a death, but a period of needed stillness to gather nutrients in our roots so that we might again emerge as a healthy, vibrant, contributor to our world. Read full message from Meg Wheatley. Learn more.


Roots of Aliveness

Musician and author, Michael Jones, in his 2007 article, Roots of Aliveness: Leading as a Living Process reminds us of the significance of rest in living systems. He writes "All work is half rest. Nature cannot thrive in full flower all the time, and nor can we. We need time to empty, to digest, to assimilate and to be still. The absence of this deep time of gestation can lead to confusion and erosion of the force of life itself." Read more